Habersham Discovery Trail:

A safe, one-mile walking experience celebrating Nature and Beauty

Waypoints - Discovery trail.png

The one-mile Habersham Discovery Trail is a safe, easily walked course on roads and sidewalks blazed with birdhouses to guide visitors through Habersham’s Marketplace and into Habersham’s award-winning New Urbanism landscape.


The Discovery Trail gives visitors to Habersham a taste of its walkable neighborhood, amenities, restaurants, retail shops, and health and wellness businesses.

Project leaders worked with a Hunting Island Shorebird Steward and a Master Naturalist who are Habersham residents to site the birdhouses for bluebirds, wrens, owls, kestrel, and wood ducks. The two-family Wren-house replica of Habersham’s Firehouse was created by Habersham resident, Paul Metzger, and painted by Maddie Scutta from Madaline Cathleen Designs. “I was honored to participate in the Discovery Trail birdhouse project! It was fun to be creative with the group of participants and see their birdhouses transform into beautiful works of art, Scutta said.

Gooding Contractors built ten other species-specific, cedar birdhouses with plans from The Cornell Lab Nestwatch and Ms. Scutta led talented residents in a workshop to paint the Wren & Bluebird houses beautifully with bird-friendly paints. Per NestWatch, the larger houses for owl, kestrel, and wood duck were kept raw.

“We wanted to create a lovely walk-about to give visitors another reason to find Habersham on the Beaufort map and come see us,” said Robert Howell, owner of Mystic Osprey Gallery. Visitors can view the Discovery Trail map, find Cornell Labs Merlin Bird ID app, and more information about Habersham Marketplace by using a QR code available at an LCD kiosk adjacent to 10 Market Restaurant in Habersham Marketplace.

“We imagine people making an afternoon out of a visit to Habersham,” said Kate Skinner, owner of River & Marsh, a fine apparel and accessories shop. “Wander the Discovery Trail. Eat at our restaurants. Stop into River & Marsh, visit our friends at Mystic Osprey Gallery, A Village Vault, Pearls Before Noon, Branning Fine Arts, and Madaline Cathleen Designs. Get your hair done. Take a spin cycling class. You can easily make a day of it,” said Skinner.


Habersham's Marketplace is a favorite Lowcountry destination with monthly celebrations every “Third Friday” from 5-8p and seasonal, public festivals.


Habersham is a safe, walkable village complete with vibrant outdoor patios, restaurants, retail shops, and wellness services just seven miles from Downtown Beaufort, forty minutes from Hilton Head and Palmetto Bluff, and one hour from Savanah.

Download Cornell Labs Merlin Bird Identification App here.





Links to South Carolina birds via season from Birdwatchers Digest.


Spring Birds of South Carolina (March, April, May)
Chickadee, Cardinals, Northern Flicker, Pileated Woodpecker, Mourning Dove, Crow,
Turkey Buzzard, Red Tail Hawks, Wood Thrush, Hummingbird, Prothonotary Warbler, Eastern whip-poor-will
rose-breasted grosbeak, indigo bunting, scarlet tanager, red-eyed vireo, Swainson’s thrush, and a large variety of migrant wood warblers.

Summer Birds of South Carolina (June, July, August)
Carolina wren, Eastern phoebe, and dark-eyed junco, painted buntings, orchard orioles, red-winged blackbirds, blue grosbeaks and eastern kingbirds, common spotted sandpiper, solitary sandpiper, and least sandpiper, great egrets, snowy egrets, little blue herons, and great blue herons. (By water)

Fall birds of South Carolina (September, October, November)
Common nighthawk, migrating raptors: ospreys and good numbers of falcons, such as American kestrels, merlins, and peregrine falcons.

Winter birds of South Carolina (December, January, February)
Common overwintering ducks include the green-winged teal, American wigeon, common merganser, hooded merganser, ring-necked duck, lesser scaup, ruddy duck and many others. American goldfinch, House finch, great horned owl.



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Special Thanks
Habersham Merchants Council
Habersham Steering Committee
Robert Turner

Captain Daniel Byrne, Fire Marshall

Produced by
Robert Howell, Mystic Osprey Gallery

Dave Hudson, Hunting Island Shorebird Steward
Craig Collinson, Master Naturalist
Utility, Craig Robinson, Charles Johnson, David Altekruse.

Birdhouse construction, cedar wood and 4x4 pole sourcing: Gooding Contractors
Firehouse Wren Box: Paul Metzger
Painting & Finishing of birdhouses: Madaline Cathleen Designs, Mary Alden, Annette Girman, Emily Howell, Tiffany Jones, Linda Moran.
Macro Photography of waypoints: @AndreaOgiony

Why we made the Habersham Discovery Trail:
To create another reason for visitors to come to Habersham, visit #HabershamMarketplace, help the birds and support nature in our community.

Trail walkers will be offered 10% off at select Habersham Marketplace shops if they mention the Discovery Trail on their Facebook and Instagram posts. Share pictures of a favorite birdhouse and pictures of any participating marketplace business on your social networks using the #HabershamMarketplace hashtag. To claim the 10% discount, the mention & picture must be from the day the discount is claimed.

A Habersham supported volunteer effort from Habersham residents who executed smoothly and beautifully while honoring environmental and species specific needs of the birds and quality that makes Habersham a special place to live.

See map at top of this webpage.