Adams’ collages include found items from nature, textured papers, painted papers and exotic patterned papers from many different countries of origin that have been cut up, layered, and adhered with acrylic medium. Often, ten or more layers of material are used to create a single work. The result is a “painting” with a distinct, three-dimensional effect.


"Resurrection Fern and Live Oak”

Resurrection fern gets its name from its ability to survive long bouts of drought by curling up its fronds and appearing dead.  But once the rain begins, this epiphyte (a plant that gets all its nutrients from air and water), makes a beautiful comeback to life.  They are often seen on old Live Oak trees in the maritime forest, in company with another epiphyte known as Spanish Moss. 


Renowned Atlanta Collage Artist, Laura W. Adams, is teaming with Mystic Osprey Gallery in Beaufort to create awareness about our country’s diminishing Maritime Forests, and to raise money for Port Royal Sound Foundation. 15% of proceeds from the show’s art sales will be donated to the foundation.

Resurrection Fern and Live Oak, 30 x 40" Collage