Mystic Osprey Gallery migrates to Richmond, Virginia

Mystic Osprey Gallery has moved to Richmond, Virginia.

We are full of gratitude for the many friends and collectors we have been blessed to meet in Beaufort, SC and we are very excited to move closer to family and make Richmond, Virginia our new nest. We are excited to build our collector base and expand our mission of conservation awareness and selling collectible fine art for people’s homes.  

Mystic Osprey Gallery showcases artists from around the country who explore Nature, Habitat, and Our Place Within and the work includes original paintings, sculptures, prints, jewelry, and ceramics.


The Osprey celebrates nature. We hope these artistic and symbolic representations of nature, habitat, and how we as humans fit into this environment might help us become better stewards of our planet, its fauna, and flora.

Our Fine Artists are represented in other geographic areas by world-class galleries and have their work in private collections around the world. We are proud they have chosen to share our vision and join us in our move to Richmond.

We look forward to seeing you in Richmond.