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Sharon Whitham

Sharon Whitham is a printmaker inspired by patterns and shapes in nature, the impermanence of natural life, as well as Buddhist and spiritual symbolism. Questions of origin, place, path, journey and transformation inform her work. "I am drawn to the printmaking medium as it allows me to use both my left and right brain abilities. The appeal for me is that it can be both spontaneous and highly technical. There is a ‘letting go’ in the process once the ink leaves the plate and transfers to the paper as it goes through the press."

"Whatever process or technique is used – both the plate and the paper go on a journey as the ink and images are layered. I am a part of that process and the journey is both internal and literal. Every print is original and unique and the transformation that occurs in creating a print has all the elements of vision, struggle, mystery, grace and sometimes illumination."

More recently my work explores patterns and shapes in nature both within the landscape and in the abstract. I am endlessly inspired by the beauty, resilience and changes that occur in the natural world, and most especially the paradox of permanence/impermanence."


Her work has elements of both the representational and the abstract, using images from the landscape, patterns in nature, and spiritual imagery. Themes in her work include loss, change, cycles and rhythms, spiritual and physical journeys and exploring bigger questions of who we are, why we are here, and our connections to each other and the natural world.

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