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Water color and ink, 16 x 20," framed by the artist.


Jacob paints with watercolor made from flowers and leaves on either watercolor canvas or Arches watercolor paper and uses salt to break up the paint to bring in depth and texture to the wings or the fur of the animal. His works are created in a loose painterly style inspired by Sumi-e ink paintings from Asia as well as realism while working to convey the movement and character of the animal. He also brings in Asian black ink to hone in on the details and shadows of the animals.

The expressive splatters and tiny line work shows movement, flight, or hints of a breeze fluttering across the animal. Jacob’s brushstrokes are spontaneous. He does not draw or lay down any base when beginning each piece. He only views his references for a short moment in the beginning and then puts them away to focus on bringing the animal to life by showing emotion in each stroke or a flicker of paint.  




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